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August 28, 2012

3 Easy Steps to Beautiful & Smooth Feet using Earth Therapeutics Foot Remedy Balm & Foot Scrub

Hey Girls,
I pay extra attention to take care of my feet during summer, by doing a pedicure every week and using a moisturizer on my feet on daily basis. This season, I've been using Earth Therapeutics products and want to share with you my thoughts about them.

I've got their Foot Scrub Therapeutic Exfoliator, Foot Remedy Therapeutic Balm and Pumice Brush.

Step 1. Soaking up & Using Pumice

What I like to do first is to soak up my feet in warm water with bath salt for around 10 minutes. After that, I use the Pumice Brush gently to the heels to soften hard skin and use the opposite side which is a brush to massage entire foot.

Step 2. Exfoliation 

Next, I am drying off my my feet and gently massage the Foot Scrub Therapeutic Exfoliator ($9) on to my skin, focusing on the heel and back of my foot for like a minute or two, than rinse with warm water. This product contains Tea Tree Oil, Mint and Chamomile which leaves my feet totally refreshed and really smooth, I love it!

Step 3.  Moisturize 

After, I dry off my feet, apply the Foot Remedy Therapeutic Balm ($9) all over my feet and give it a minute to absorb. This moisturizer smells super fresh just like the scrub and also contains Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile and Aloe Vera.

and that's it!!! :)

Of course you can use any foot scrub and moisturizer, I just happened to be using Earth Therapeutics, which I have to admit, work pretty good. 

What are your favorite foot care products?

have a great day,


  1. These sound like great products.

    1. Thanks for comment Chantel and yeah I forgot to mention their aloe socks that I love haha suuuper cozy!

  2. I love your blog! This post is great :) I have the same Exfoliator and I also love it!

    FOllowing! Hope you can check out my blog as well :)


    Have an awesome day!

    1. thanks Adela! Checked out your blog and liking it a lot :)

  3. This looks like good stuff. I have a 3-step foot scrub at home, but I never remember to put it on. Hopefully, after reading this post, I will remember to do it today.

    1. thanks for comment Cheryl, OhToBeMuse is one of my fav blogs out there. Amazing job and beautiful outfits!