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December 16, 2019

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation & Concealer Review & Swatches!

Pr Sample

I was given the first opportunity to try Urban Decay Stay Naked collection back in August but the both shades I picked turned out to be slightly too light for my then tan skin so I remember trying it out and kind of putting it away for a while because as much as I could tell that the formula was nice and lightweight, the shade was just much off for me to do an accurate in-depth review. Going forward a few months later and I seriously can't get enough of this line!

Stay Naked Foundation Review

Initially, I focused on the foundation only and started using it every day because of its lightweight texture, great coverage and the most important thing - its amazing longevity. I usually prefer natural finish over matte but because of this foundation formula, I really fell in love with it zero visible pores, skin-like finish and I remember being really impressed while checking myself out after 6-8 hours of wear and still seeing a pretty much flawless foundation  (no touch-ups needed) which sold me to this product entirely. 

Picking the right base

I used to have combination skin but now I am more on the normal/dry side and this foundation works beautifully on my skin. If you have any issues with it being too drying or looking too dry on the skin play around with your base first and try to use different skincare products, which is what I do whenever I deal with matte finishes. I've noticed a huge difference between using some face creams and face oils. I have to say though that no matter which base I choose to use with  Stay Naked foundation, it always looks great on my skin which is another factor why I am quite obsessed with it at the moment.  

Shade Selection

I do want to mention the shade selection since my initial picks turned out to be slightly too light for my skin tone. It's really awesome that Urban Decay offers 50 shades of this foundation (with 7 undertones!) but I think because of such a huge color range it is easy to miss the right shade which was my initial mistake. I do want to mention that I did have a tendency to choose too dark foundation shades in the past so now I try to be super careful especially when online shopping for one. Initially, I picked up 30NN and 31NN shades which turned out to be way too light for me in the summer, although reading through the description I thought it was going to be a great match. 

Fast forward now in the wintertime I can finally use them but I still feel like I could get away with even darker shade and this is my skin basically at my lightest, so just keep in mind that the lightest range is really light and I highly recommend just heading over to the store to do some swatches just to make sure you get it right. I do want to mention that this isn't really Urban Decay issue, it's more of my kind of problem haha so if you have had the same struggles with finding a perfect foundation shade I hope this will help you out a bit!

Final Thoughts

I have a few favorite full coverage foundations and some of them feel heavier on the skin than the others but what really impressed me with Stay Naked foundation is its lightweight, thin formula. It seriously feels so lightweight (yes I know I am repeating myself here again ha), blends easily, doesn't get cakey or sits on top of my skin. I absolutely hate when after applying foundation I touch my face and I can tell there is a thick layer of product on it, but with this foundation, it literally feels like I am not wearing anything. The lightweight formula, combined with great coverage and long-lasting features seriously made it my number one foundation at the moment.

Stay Naked Concealer

When it comes to concealers my personal preference is creamy, slightly thicker texture so initially Stay Naked concealer was giving me similar to the Urban Decay All Nighter concealer vibes with it being slightly more creamy. Don't get me wrong All Nighter has great coverage and literally will stay where you put it all day and night but I find it harder to blend and slightly too dry. I am glad that the formula of Stay Naked concealer is more on the creamy side while it still offers great coverage and longevity. It blends much nicer and the new curved applicator is such an awesome idea! It fits the eye area nicely and makes the whole process easier. The thin formula really helps avoid any creasing and the fact that the coverage is medium to full requires very little product to use.  

As you can see from the swatches below, the concealer shades are even lighter than the foundation so just keep that in mind while shopping online. 

Urban Decay Stay Naked Swatches


Overall I absolutely love the Stay Naked line because of its fantastic lightweight, skin-like formula and great coverage. It's seriously has been my favorite foundation & concealer combo release in a while! Also, I think that the price point at $39 for foundation and $29 is not too expensive for high-end release especially since you really don't need to use a lot of product with both foundation and concealer.

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