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January 27, 2011

ELF Cosmetics haul & review part 1

Hey Lovelies,
Today I want to show you, Guys what I recently ordered from e.l.f.  I'm going to suprise you here, it was my first time lol. I've heard a lot about this brand, how cheap and good quality it is, so I decided to give it a try ;) I'm not going to review all products, since there is like millions reviews on the net. Just my quick opinion about what I've got.

Lets start from face products:
:: E.l.f Studio Flaweless Finish Foundation in Sand
I was pretty psyched about this one lol, because I've read a lot of good opinions about it. I had a small problem with choosing the right shade - I haven't use foundation in my life before (I know wow and I'm 22 year old, haha). Making long story short, I got sand shade, which is good for winter time, because for summer I would need to get a shade darker. Blends really good, looks natural, good coverage, didn't feel like I had mask on my face so I really liked it. I used like half of a pump and it was enough.

I really like this product, because I can use it on daily basis (I don't like wearing foundation every single day). It feels really light on my face, gives ok coverage, nice color, moisturize my skin and has SPF 20. I think this product would be perfect for summer, wouldn't feel heavy but still cover good :)

Cost $1, really soft, love it!

I got shade medium. Didn't try highlighter yet, but I like how this concealer blends into my skin. Covers my dark circles pretty well. I've heard a lot of about how bad the packaging is, that it breaks easily etc. hmm so far nothing bad happened with it :)

Eyebrows... I put so much energy to make them look the same, but no way, righty it's still bolder then lefty and lefty just doesn't wanna grow LOL ahh... anyways this product is pretty awesome! I got shade dark which is dark brown, so if youre a blond or your eyebrows are not black, dark brown I wouldn't recommend it, get a shade lighter! 

Got it in Coffee... smudges a lot, didn't like it that much. But nice shade though, really dark brown!

Tomorrow I will review lips products, blushes, zit zapper and cream eyeliner!