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February 11, 2011

Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2") review

Hi Beauties!
   Today I want to talk about Sedu straightener that I'm using since December. I've ordered it from for $129 and it came with heat proof pouch as a free gift (I think they still include it with this iron purchase) and 2 year warranty.

   As you can tell on the pictures I have a looot of hair (taking these pics made me realize, that I definitely need a haircut lol ). Yeah, but let's focus on the tool :)
   I've had around 5 flat irons before this one, and they didn't cost more than $40. This time, I decided to pay  more, but at least be satisfy with my new tool,  and not worry about my hair being all curly and messy after a few hours. I'm also a person that is very inpatient, so on daily basis, I won't spend more than 5min straightening my hair. Sedu definitely is my favorite.
   It is ready to rock my hair after less than 25 seconds. It has adjustable temperature control, so you can choose right temperature for you hair type. Exclusive "Infra Red Heat Technology" gives your hair extra shine and luster :D  
 On the pictures below you can see my hair before and after Sedu.

   Straightening it took me less than 5 minutes. My favorite thing about this iron is, that it keeps my hair straight until next wash, and works good on bad weather (wind, rain). What straightener do you use, Girls?


  1. pretty good flat iron! and i love that blog header--aaliyah is my fave.

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  2. Wow the effect is really impressive... And it took less than 5 minutes. Great!

  3. oh wow that seems like a pretty good flat iron ! your hair is gorgeous :)

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