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November 13, 2011

My favorite straightening product - Babyliss Pro Liss'up

I have changed layout and finally made new logo, and I love the new look, ahhh now I can definitely write lots of posts hehe =)
Anyways, today I want to talk about my favorite straightening product, which is Liss'up from Babyliss Pro collection.

I was looking for a good heat protectant spray, from a long time. Usually the problem was, that the product was drying out  my hair really badly, and I hated to even touch it afterwards
Liss'up is a bi-phase spray, one part is a spray and second is oil, which moisturize your hair, and gives it that amazing soft feeling. Before applying you need to shake it and then spray dry hair from middle section-down and start straightening:) Avoid spraying roots or even close to them, because I noticed, that my hair got oily much faster (especially after few uses). 

The only thing, that got on my nerves was definitely too sweet smell, but as long as it's working great on my hair, I don't really care. Also another thing, which bothers me a little bit is the sprayer, that if wrong used, apply too much product to only certain parts of the hair, but you can fix it by brushing your hair after each apply.

Babyliss Pro Liss'up is definitely worth trying! It helps straighter, moisturize my hair and makes it more soft and silky smooth.

What other heat protectant products, do you Guys recommend ?