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December 2, 2011

Eyesbright's Glamour Violet Contact Lenses review

Some time ago I was hosting a Halloween giveaway sponsored by Eyesbright, where you could win cool dragon lenses (congrats again Nora ! ). I also received a beautiful purple contact lenses with solution and contact case, which I was super excited about trying.
I have natural bright blue eyes, so I wanted to pick something colorful, but still as much natural as possible, so I ended up ordering gorgeous glamour violet lenses.

 Me wearing glamour violet lenses
What I like about them is definitely the comfort of wearing: they are super thin and easy to apply, they don't dry out my eyes fast and don't irritate them after few hours of wearing (was my #1 concern).

You can get them and many more on  www.Eyesbright.com

And also can be viewed on their YouTube channel: 

Eyesbright is a leading fashion lenses store. They offer 100s of different designs, whether you are looking for crazy party lenses or every day natural colors lenses.

Have a lovely day!