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January 2, 2012

Victoria's Secret Attractions Sweet Craving body mist & cream review

Welcome to my new body care products that I'm just obsessed about... VS Attractions Sweet Craving in warm vanilla & tempting praline ;) <3
First, I saw this line year ago on VS website and I LOVED how adorable it looks <3 I love leopard print and everything that has vanilla scent to it, so I was super excited to get it... But VS don't ship their mists (weird...) to apo adresses and I didn't want only body cream so I just gave up.
This year shopping for Christmas on base in Netherlands, I saw Sweet Craving on sale for $10 each so I bough it straight away!

I have to honestly say, that packaging gives this line a LOT, it's just really super cute lol! The scent is really sweet and PERFECT for winter or night time <3 What I was kinda afraid of was, that the body cream will smell really intense and it will be too just too sweet, but actually it's not too heavy, the scent is not overpowering if you can say like that lol.  
Body cream is really thick and rich so you don't need a lot of product for whole body. It moisturizes really good and leaves a nice hint of the scent on you till next shower ;)
Sweet Craving Vanilla mist is just AMAZING! Ahhh especially in those cold, grey winter days, I love to spray it all over my body,  lay on the couch in my snuggie cuddling with my cat & enjoying a good movie or so, definitely a mood booster (:

Have a great day Dolls 


  1. I totally agree with your review. I just recently purchased these and I love them! The packaging is so cute too! Happy new year! <3 XX

  2. Very beautiful packaging , nice review <3

  3. thank you Girls and Happy New Year to you too Dolls!! xxx