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December 10, 2012

Top 5 Favorite Products of Month November 2012

Hey Ladies,
November is long gone and I just realized that I haven't post my monthly favorites! So here they are:  the five products, that I have used the most during the month November ;-)

5. Rimmel  Lasting Finish in Airy Fairy Lipstick 

Full review on this lipstick here. This lipstick along with Hue by MAC was my favorite of the month.  Natural & pretty looking :)

4. Barbara Hofmann Blush & Bronzer brush

I really like this brush because it is big (twice as big compare to Sigma blush brush), fluffy and great for applying blush and bronzer and blending it onto the skin . The only thing that they could improve is the softness of it ;) Definitely could be a little bit more smooth and soft, but besides that I think it is a good brush.

3. Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist

Mmmm ♥♥♥ I love its mango nectar & hibiscus smell! In my opinion one of the best fragrance mists from VS! I just wish it could last a little bit longer, but I think it's hard to achieve with mists lol. Anyways my favorite of the month, use it everyday after shower and it smells delightful!

2. E.l.f Shine Eraser

I always keep it in my purse in case of a sudden shininess or oiliness ;) It makes my face instantly matte and clean and doesn't smudges away my makeup. I think it is a great deal for $1!

1. Holiday Traditions: Twisted Peppermint Hand Cream by Bath and Body Works 

I got this Bath and Body Works hand cream along with some gifts for my family and I LOVE it. It smells so yummy, has super cute packaging and I use it every single day :) I also like the fact that it doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky, so it is definitely number one of my today's Top 5 :)

Have a great day Beauties,

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