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January 16, 2013

E.L.F. Baked Bronzers in Maui and Los Cabos Review!

Hi Guys,
I have a few beauty addictions, and one of them is love for bronzers. There is nothing better than giving your face a  subtle glow, especially during winter time, so after ELF released their new Baked Bronzers, I decided to try it out and got two shades: Maui and Los Cabos.

ELF Baked Bronzers  in Maui and Los Cabos
When it comes to ELF products, it's all rather hit-or-miss, but because they are really affordable and very often the brand offers discounts and coupons, I don't mind spending $30 on their website, even if from twenty products, I only find few that will work great for me.

I prefer matte and satin finish bronzers, and I really hate glitter-heavy products, that look extremely fake on the skin. I would use those only on my body (chest, shoulders) for a special occasions,  never on my face.

ELF Baked Bronzers  in Maui and Los Cabos
Both ELF Baked Bronzers  in Maui and Los Cabos have very pretty satin finish (no shimmer, or glitter), which looks very appealing and I love how it highlights my entire face. Maui is a warm, golden bronzer, while Los Cabos is slightly darker, more cocoa color bronzer. While you can clearly see the difference on the swatch, after applying its barely visible.

 E.l.f Baked Bronzer in Maui

 E.l.f Baked Bronzer in Los Cabos

Swatches: left Los Cabos, right Maui

The texture of the Baked Bronzers is creamy and not chalky at all. They go very smooth on the skin, and are easy to blend out. What I like the most about them, is that the colors are buildable, which means that basically you start with very sheer layer and you can build it up, using blush brush, to a rich golden shade.

The only thing I don't like about ELF Baked Bronzers is the packaging. ELF Studio line has so much better cases, then after releasing a new product and putting it into the pretty cheap looking, plastic cases is definitely not a smart choice. They should reevaluate it, because the bronzers are a great products for only $3 each! 

What do you think of ELF Baked Bronzers? 

PS: Stay tuned for ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons Review!


  1. Wowww, so pretty!I really wanna check out so many of elf's new products.

  2. yeah they've released so many new products and new shades recently :)