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January 6, 2013

Natural way to get beautiful skin, nails & hair - Russell Organics 100% Argan Oil Review!

Hey Ladies,
Regular application of argan oil onto your skin, hair or nails can do real magic. Nowadays, argan oil is added as an ingredient to a lot of beauty products, but the greatest result you will achieve only with 100% pure organic argan oil!

About the brand & product:
Russell Organics is a prestige beauty brand, that offers the purest argan oil available. It is pure cold-pressed argan oil with no additives, fillers, fragrance or toxins.

My review:
I have been experimenting with beauty oils in the past (almond oil for my hair), but I have never tried pure argan oil before. First, when I opened the bottle, I was pleasantly surprised, that the product doesn't have any scent. The usage of Russell Organics Argan Oil is very easy thank to the applicator, which helps grabbing exactly as much product as I need, without being messy. Because you need only few drops, one bottle will last for at least few good months. Just remember to store your argan oil in a dark, cool place.

I have been applying Russell Organics 100% pure Argan Oil onto my nails and hair and it has been around 4 weeks of a regular application (hair twice a week, nails every two, three days) and I am loving the results. If you have problem with painful cuticles or dry hands, this product is an absolute must have. My hands have never been so soft and finally I got rid off the peeling cuticles. As for the hair, I use 3-4 drops on damp hair, applying from the middle section down and the result is super soft, healthy looking, shiny hair!
I personally think, that if you want to see the real effects, you have to splurge on certain products and Russell Organics Argan Oil is 100% natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free and will leave your skin and hair looking gorgeous and healthy!

What is your opinion about argan oil? 


  1. I've been incredibly interested in Argan Oil but I feel very weird about using oil on my skin and hair. My skin can get quite oily as it is and so can my hair but they are also both quite dry.I'll probably pick some up since it seems like most people have had good experiences with it.

  2. @Jackyohhhhh:disqus actually oil helps get rid off oily skin and scalp. If you still feel uncomfortable using one, apply it into dry hair, then wash and dry it like usual :)