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February 7, 2013

Bath & Body Works 2013 Escape Collection Haul and Review!

I knew, I would end up buying some of the new released Bath & Body Works 2013 Escape Collection products, just by looking at the colorful tropical packaging and dreaming about Summer already! I had 20% off coupon plus they had buy 3 get 3 for free promotion, so I ended up picking these 4 and two more body washes from their regular line.

Aruba Coconut 
 I love coconut scents and in Fall/Winter time, I prefer that warm more sweet vanilla-coconut scent, while in Spring/Summer I like the more fruity coconut scent and Aruba Coconut (anyone knows synonym for coconut?! lol ;) ) is just that. It is a great fresh and fruity line for summer, which won't overwhelm you with its sweetness, but still will smell wonderful!

 Aruba Coconut Body Lotion - nice texture that absorbs quickly.

Bali Mango 
 I am so glad I got this scent, because it is a 100% deliciousness!! It contains a fragrance of fruity mango, sugar cane, pink passionflower and nectarine, and it smells just like Summer, very energizing!

Bali Mango glowing body scrub - main ingredients: bamboo, coconut milk and Vitamin E

The thing I love the most about Bath & Body Works shower gels is the fact that they always have rich foam. I have used lots and lots different brands, but at least for me, Bath & Body Works work the best and.... they ALWAYS have promotions going on ;) 

What are your thoughts?

Have a fab day!

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  1. I haven't tried a lot of products from B&BW except their candles but all of these must smell delicious!