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February 15, 2013

Fun Hair Accessories for Spring/Summer 2013

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Aaa... I am so over Winter already! I can't wait to pack away all the thick jackets, sweaters, boots and hats and change into something more breathable, colorful and fun! ;) Today, I have been looking for some cool hair accessories to try this Spring, after realizing that I am super boring and predictable when it comes to styling my hair (straight, curly, pony tail that's it lol), so I decided to accessorize it a little bit more in the future :) Let me know what you think about my picks!

AMIKA/Beauty.Com: Petit Bow

Have a great day Girls!


  1. I love the flower crown idea, but it looks plastically. I can't wait to make it myself of real daisies on a meadow :) I comforted myself the spring will come soon, but it's snowing. again..

  2. yes I totally agree with you, real daisies would look super cute! (: ah 4 days till March, I hope it will stop snowing here too... so over Winter already haha