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March 21, 2013

Affordable Fabulosity: Syoss Anti-Grease Dry Shampoo Review!

I have tried so many different dry shampoo brands over the past year and most of the time I ended up being disappointed, because the products would leave my hair stiff, sticky and I couldn't tell a difference between them and a regular hair spray. So when I decided to give a try another drugstore brand, I didn't expect that I will actually like it that much. That was like a year ago, now I am on my 4th Syoss Dry Shampoo bottle and 
I am loving it.

This particular type of Syoss Dry Shampoo works for me wonderfully  First, I spray my roots, wait for like a minute then brush off the white powder and my hair is super soft and feel fresh. Usually on the second day after washing my hair, my roots are pretty flat and this product makes styling my hair so much easier. The only thing I don't like about Syoss Dry Shampoo is that I really have to be careful to brush off the residue because otherwise it leaves my roots a little lighter than rest of the hair. I think brands should really start making dry shampoos with darker pigment for brunettes. 

Anyways, Syoss Anti-Grease Dry Shampoo is my #1 at this moment and on top of that is pretty affordable!

What is your favorite dry shampoo? 

Disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money.


  1. i don't really get it about dry shampoo, but i consider to buy one since some people review about dry shampoo too and it sounds so convenience.
    i'm a food tech. student and sometime i'm so busy that i cannot even wash my long hair, and it end up sticky and not good to see >_<

    is dry shampoo good for combination hair like me?
    since i'm easily get dandruff if my shampoo is not good

    thank you

  2. Where did you find this? I bought it out of the country and am now trying to find where I can get it in the US!

  3. I got it in Europe as well. I can't find it anywhere here in the US :(