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March 24, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in Golden Beige Review!

Revlon PhotoReady foundation received so many good reviews and from my great experience with other Revlon foundations, I decided to give this one a try a well (next one on my to-try list: the famous ColorStay! ).

From the research that I've done in the past, I suppose to have a cool complexion, but all medium cool undertone shades were sold out or not available, so I bought 008 Golden Beige shade, which has pretty strong yellow undertones. Maybe I am neutral because, if I have to be honest, I just feel better in warm undertone foundations, but anyways let's go back to the review.

Revlon PhotoReady is more on the liquid side and dries on the skin pretty quickly. First I apply a pretty thin layer, blend it out well and then continue with another layer if I need it. On the bottle, it says that the product gives full coverage, but from my experience, I needed at least 2 thin layers to cover all my redness, which is not a bad thing, because it means that the foundation is very buildable and I like that. Not on a daily basis, I need full coverage.

Revlon PhotoReady in 008 Golden Beige swatch unblended (top) and blended (bottom)

What really impressed me though was that this foundation completely covered my enlarged pores around the nose area, I seriously couldn't believe it! Usually, with other foundations that I have tried so far, I would need a dab of concealer to achieve it. Also, this product blends in with my skin, doesn't sit on top of it, so it feels very natural and clean. I love it! Revlon PhotoReady has a tiny little shimmer in it, but it is very subtle. I feel like Revlon Age Defying foundation has more shimmer and because of my combination skin, makes it more oily after a few hours of wearing, than PhotoReady, which leaves my face matte and smooth.

Overall, I have to say that I love this foundation. It leaves my skin beautifully smooth, matte and it has SPF20!

You can purchase the Revlon Photo Ready foundation for $10.49 here.

Which Revlon foundation you like the most?

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