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March 3, 2013

MAC Hue Dupe: Kohl's Flirt Cosmetics Big Flirt Lipgloss Review!

Some time ago, I won Flirt Cosmetics contest (pick a name for new shade - my idea Berry Bombshell) and as a prize I received all Big Flirt Lipgloss collection. In my case, when it comes to lipglosses, there are two things that I don't like - glosses that are too sheer and too sticky. Big Flirts are mostly pretty sheer and have that sticky texture, but there were few shades that I actually really liked and Big Pink Kisses is one of them.

Big Pink Kisses is a very pretty pale pink shade. Unlike most of the other Big Flirt shades, this one is actually nicely pigmented. It reminds me a lot of MAC Hue (review here) with lipgloss on top. If you like nude lips, this shade will be perfect to achieve this look - I really love the outcome. The product has pretty sticky texture, which I don't like that much, but like I said before, the color is super flattering, so I don't care ;)

Big Flirt lipgloss applicator is pretty big and thick, which in my opinion makes the application a little bit easier.

Big Flirt Big Pink Kisses

me wearing Big Flirt Big Pink Kisses

me wearing MAC Hue

Overall, I really like this particular shade of Big Flirt lipglosses, because of it pigmented, very pretty nude pink color, that will suit all skin tones. You can purchase Big Flirt lipglosses and other Flirt Cosmetics products at Kohls (link here).

Have a fab Sunday Ladies!

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