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August 25, 2013

Leonie Blackhead Removing Black Peel-off Mask Review!

I've tried many face masks in the past, but I have never seen nor tried a jet black one. Leonie new Blackhead Removing Peel-off Mask is completely black and when applied, it leaves your skin hidden under a black layer that dries out withing ten minutes until it's easy to peel off. 

What really drawn my attention except for the obvious black shade of the product, is the very pleasant, unisex, luxurious scent - reminds me of how a salon hair & skin products would smell, I liked it a lot. 

Leonie new Blackhead Removing Peel-off Mask contains activated charcoal, grapefruit, lemon peel and rosemary extract, which helps to clean out pores and indeed left my skin feeling clean and soft. Because of its unisex packaging and product itself, I think this mask is a great choice for either women or men. 

Great peel-off mask, that cleans out my pores and leaves my skin feeling so clean! Another plus for amazing scent and interesting black shade. 

Disclaimer: I got sample