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September 24, 2013

Inglot Amc Matte Eyeliner Gel Review

When it comes to gel eyeliners, I personally think that they are the one that lasts the longest on my eyes. Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel nr 77 (matte black) is my newest purchase and I am pretty much loving the quality and the lasting power. 

The texture of Inglot Eyeliner Gel is very creamy, soft and little goes a long way (literally, so be careful - my first application using Sigma E05 was enough for both eyes lol). This eyeliner gel is easy to smudge if you want to use it as a base for smoky eyes, but when the product dries, there is no way it is going anywhere. I had it on during hot summer nights out and after dancing all night the gel didn't smudge or lost on intensity - it looked exactly like when I put it on hours before. The pigmentation is very very good, color is a jet black and like I've mentioned before, it doesn't loose on its power like it happened before to me with other eyeliner gels.

Inglot Matte Eyeliner Gel nr 77 swatch
 Inglot Matte Eyeliner Gel nr 77
The quality and staying power are wonderful. I love the rich jet black shade and easy application, that stays on for hours.

What is your favorite gel eyeliner? 


  1. Inglot's quality is amazing. I really want to pick up some more of their stuff, but they don't ship to military addresses! Hopefully, I'll get my hands on more products soon.