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October 4, 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC 2013 Fall Collection Review!

I'm a big fan of Rihanna and when her first MAC collaboration lipstick came out I fell in love with it right away (RiRi Woo - gorgeous red shade, review here), but I skipped the Summer Collection, because I wanted to save some money. When RiRi Hearts Mac 2013 Fall Collection came out and I saw that gorgeous rose gold packaging, I knew I needed to have at least few items! I stalked MAC online website in the morning of the online release and spent more than 2 hours in the "waiting room", hoping that the items I decided on getting won't be sold out. Thank God, I got everything and that was: Hibiscus Kiss blush/bronzer duo, RiRi Woo lipglass, Who's That Chic and Talk That Talk lipsticks. I got my package from MAC last night and my heart broke (I know such a tragedy lol), because the lipstick I was the most excited about Talk That Talk came broken!! I called MAC immediately and the lady told me that they will try to reship me a new one, if they have some left (ahh I hope, because it is sold out everywhere I heard), so that is why there won't be picture of the lipstick itself, since it looks like a mess :/ (Edit: MAC Customer Service was so nice and helpful and they sent me another one). Anyways, lets skip to the review!

I wanted to get this item, when it first came out, but I read that the pigmentation was not good, so I skipped it. I am glad I did, because with the Fall Collection it came in this super pretty packaging and I read that the quality this time was a little better so I got it. The product itself is just soooo pretty (I keep repeating myself haha) and I love the blush as well as the bronzer. The blush is a beautiful satin pink shade and it looks very natural on my NW20-25 skin. The bronzer is on the lighter side, so it shows up very nice and natural on my skin, and I am happy I can use it all year long (during winter my skin gets pretty pale, so this product won't turn out to be too dark etc.). 

Hibiscus kiss blush/bronzer duo swatches

When I was first deciding on what I want from the RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection, all I was thinking about were the lipsticks, but then I saw RiRi Woo lipglass swatch online and I fell in love with this gorgeous shade. This lipglass is very pigmented, so I think next time I will use a red lip liner to give it a cleaner look. It looks absolutely beautiful on, it is a gorgeous red shade (not too dark, more on the strawberry red side) with nice shine to it. It's not too liquidy and not too sticky either, so I am definitely loving it and I am so glad I got it. 

Me wearing RiRiWoo lipglass


Who's That Chic is a frosty orange-gold shade and it does look pretty extreme in the packaging and I think that was the reason I got it in the first place - I don't own any lipstick like that. I was afraid that this will turn out to be very glittery, but in real life it looks more metallic, than shimmery to me. The lipstick applies very sheer at first layer, but I applied few layers to be more visible for the photos purpose. When it comes to Who's That Chic, the possibilities with this lippy are almost endless. It looks great underneath nude lipglosses, on top of lipsticks, there is so many ways to wear it and I like that a lot. When worn alone though, it might look a little crazy old school haha, so I put sheer layer, or mix it up with different lip products. The texture of it is super soft and creamy.

Me wearing Who's That Chic


Talk That Talk is a gorgeous burgundy shade, that I loved from the first sight haha. The thing about this lipstick is that it gets darker with each application, which is pretty cool, because you can go very dark with it or just leave it a bit lighter. Unfortunately, there is definitely something up with the texture of Talk That Talk. I did find it difficult to apply, maybe because the lipstick was broken and I used lip brush, but it creases like crazy. Edit: The not broken one applies so much easier without creasing, so I am super happy! I love MAC matte lipsticks!

Me wearing Talk That Talk
I definitely had a selfie morning with all these lip products haha, also I am wearing Hibiscus Kiss bronzer and blush in all photos.

From left: Who's That Chic, Talk That Talk, RiRi Woo Lip Glass
I knew I wanted something from RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection, but most of the shades were pretty bold, so I was afraid that I might not pull it off, but after playing around with the products, I absolutely love every single item and I am so happy I got them. The packaging is just gorgeous ❤ 

If you hadn't have a chance to get anything from RiRi Hearts MAC Fall Collection, there will be another Holiday one, I think coming out this November, so stay tuned! :)

Have a lovely day Ladies,


  1. Wow, everything looks great. The packaging is amazing. Love the lipgloss :)


  2. Thanks Linderella, I am obsessed with the packaging <3 haha

  3. They're all so gorgeous! :) I've never tried MAC before, I guess it's not that common in here .. But must try someday, these look really lovely! ^^ Aaaand, you always manage to get so cute makeup photos - I'm sucker at those so usually don't show any products on myself :/ But you look SO beautiful. x

    Love, Satu
    Indie by heart

  4. The lipglass looks gorgeous on you!! Love it! Have you tried the regular retro matte Riri Woo lipstick? I also got the hibiscus blush/bronzer ! I'll try it out this weekend :)


  5. Thanks Satu, and trust me those pics were not the first shots I've taken of myself that morning haha. But yeah I wanted to show people how the shades look like on somebody :) have a great day xx

  6. Hi Alexandra! Yes, I did try it and I love it, it's beautiful! Even though RiRi Woo and Talk That Talk have the same "retro matte" finish, RiRi Woo doesn't crease like Talk That Talk :( but I will work on it, cause it is a gorgeous Fall/Winter shade! Have a great day xx

  7. I knew I should have waited on Hibiscus Kiss! I ended up getting it the first time around. I really have to work at it, but the quality isn't so bad. But the packaging for the Fall Collection is just so beautiful! *sigh* The RiRi Woo Lipglass looks amazing on you!