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July 27, 2014

L'oreal Silky Sheer BB Face Lotion with SPF 50 Review!

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I have to admit that this Summer I have been pretty good about applying SPF on my face every day. When L'oreal came out with their tinted BB Face Lotion with SPF 50 I couldn't wait to give it a try. I thought of this product as just a better sunscreen for my face when I am on the beach, but I actually liked this product so much that I start using it on every day basis as a swap for heavy foundation or full-coverage bb cream. Now, this product is sheer, the coverage is minimal but at the same time it adds subtle glow and evens out my skin tone nicely and most importantly it's not greasy at all (big issue for my combination skin with any bb cream ). The texture is more on the liquid side so the application is fast and easy and doesn't leave any smudges. I would say that L'oreal BB Face Lotion doesn't really have any scent to it, which works fine for me. Also I love how not orangy it looks on me and with just a dab of concealer here and there and I am ready to go.

Definitely my go-to product this summer. I absolutely love the lightweight texture, high SPF and UVA/UVB filters. Also this BB Face Lotion SPF50 is water resistant, so it's a great choice for the day on the beach!
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