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December 7, 2014

Esqido Lashes BFF & Voila Lash Review and Giveaway Alert (CLOSED)!

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If you follow my blog, you may already know that I am a big fan of  Esqido mink lashes. I don't wear false lashes everyday, but when I do, I usually stick to the most natural look I can get, while I still expect a noticeable volume and length. Last time I had a pleasure to try out  Esqido Unforgettable and Lashlorette, this time I am reviewing BFF and Voila Lash. If you are new to false lashes, Esqido launched an awesome interactive Holiday Lash Guide, which will not only help you find lashes that will fit your eye size and shape but also they will help you find lashes that are occasion appropriate.

Esqido BFF (top) and Voila Lash (bottom)

BFF as well as Voila Lash mink lashes are incredible soft and lightweight. BFF looks  definitely more subtle on than Voila Lash and is my personal favorite (duh BFF!), because I can even wear them to work. Both lashes look gorgeous on.

Voila Lash
Great for evening wear, gorgeous lightweight lashes. They add tons of volume and length. 

Look like your own lashes. Great for everyday wear. Add significant volume and length. My personal favorite!

Me wearing Esqido BFFs
Esqido BFFs with some black eyeliner
Me wearing BFFs

Tips for foolproof false lashes application here.
Enjoy your Sunday Ladies!

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  1. What gorgeous lashes! These look amazing on you!

    xprincessjas | ♥