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May 19, 2015

Cover Girl The Super Sizer Mascara & Intensify Me Liquid Eyeliner Review!

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Recently, I've had an opportunity to try out two new fun products from CoverGirl: The Super Sizer mascara and Intensify Me Eyeliner, both in pitch black color. 

Intensify Me Eyeliner comes with a "two-sided" applicator, where you can choose between drawing a thin and/or thick line. For me personally the tip didn't do much, the thick side was way too wide, so I just sticked to using the slimmer side of the tip. The pigmentation as well as durability is absolutely amazing. This eyeliner draws pitch black, rich, pigmented lines and stays on for the entire day. This product actually beat my Urban Decay Ink For Eyes eyeliner and I even got few compliments at work about my eye makeup the first day I used Intensify Me. 

The Super Sizer mascara definitely added a lot of volume to my lashes and I've found two ways to apply it: the regular two coats etc. or if I am in a rush, I simply won't take off excess of the product from the brush and just apply it straight like that and I don't have to worry about any clumping which is awesome. I like the smaller size brush even though sometimes it gets tricky to reach to all of my lashes with the slightly thinner side of the brush.

Overall, I really enjoy using both of the products and the Intensify Me eyeliner stay-on power is amazing!

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  1. This mascara is on my list to buy! I love CG mascara's think they are way better than some high end out there ! Thanks for doing such a great post, makes me want to check out that eyeliner as well, you think it would work well on your waterline and tight-lining

  2. Thank you Katie! I think it would work and actually the wider side might be really handy when applying on the waterline!