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February 2, 2016

Current beauty obsession: Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam Review & Swatches!

I am all about that beautiful, radiant and luminous skin and I feel like there are so many great highlighters on the market that can help create that kind of skin finish, especially since everyone is obsessing over contouring and highlighting at the moment (me including, ha). My previous favorites include Benefit High Beam and Watt's up as well as MAC Soft and Gentle (full review here). Both Benefit highlighters are very wearable and create very subtle luminous skin. MAC Soft & Gentle on the other hand is my evening highlighter because is does have a bit more frosty finish comparing to High Beam and Watt's Up. 


When I first saw Anastasia Glow Kit swatches online, I was instantly sold. Looking at all those beautifully pigmented shades with that metallic, luminous finish, just simply wow factor! I wasn't sure if I should get Gleam or That Glow, but since I do have pretty fair skin with cool undertones I decided that Gleam would fit me better. 

Gleam contains of 4 absolutely gorgeous, metallic, luminous, glowy, radiant and however you want to describe it skin highlighters. Crushed Pearl as well as Starburst look very similar on the skin and are my absolute favorite in this palette. I use these two to highlight my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, forehead, eyebrows and cupid's bow. Mimosa is going to look beautiful on my cheeks in the summer as a highlighter and I actually use Hard Candy on top of my blush for that extra glow since it does have some pink in it with golden sheen to it, so I don't really use it anywhere else than on my cheek right now since I am pretty pale. 

Glow Kit luminizers are powders but the texture is more on a creamy, buttery side, which makes them very easy to work with and blend. 

Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam swatches
Anastasia Glow Kit in Gleam swatches

Glow Kit highlighters have metallic finish, which looks natural but makes your skin luminous  at the same time without looking glittery or too shimmery.  I use my Sigma F35 to apply it and found this brush to work for me the best with powder highlighters. 

Me wearing Anastasia Glow Kit Crushed Pearl.
Me wearing Anastasia Glow Kit Crushed Pearl

I wear Anastasia's Glow Kit highlighters everyday and I love the fact that I can wear it to work without looking like I overdid on my makeup. It is currently my staple product in my everyday routine and I already know that it will stay that way all year long too. I seriously love everything about it! 

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What is your favorite highlighter at the moment? Comment below!
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