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March 15, 2016

SinfulColors Kylie Jenner King Kylie Nail Polish Collection!


Sinful Colors is hands down the best drugstore nail polish brand out there, at least in my personal opinion. I find their nail polishes to last long and most importantly, very often they last longer that some of the more expensive brands. 

Kylie Jenner collab with SinfulColors offers I believe 20 different shades but I've picked out only 7 that I liked the most. Also not every single shade was available online on walmart page at the time when I ordered them. Usually Sinful Colors nail polishes cost $1.99 but this collection is $2.98 per bottle, which may actually have something to do with the SinfulShine gel Tech line instead of the regular one.

As you can tell from the photos, I practically got all nude and pastel shades with the only one exception of that gorgeous deep blue color. I really liked how classy and elegant those nudes looked like and most of the shades have some very finely milled glitter in them which is not too visible but adds a very pretty finish.

Starting from left we have Kovet which is a pearly white shade with a small teal and blue iridescent particulars that change colors at different angles. Super pretty! Next we have Minty Fresh which is just a pretty mint shade. Another color is called Slay Grey which I posted a swatch of on my instagram here. Gorgeous grey shade with very fine yellow-gold glitter in it, which gives the shade a very pretty metallic finish. Next we have Kommando which is a gorgeous nude shade with again same finely milled silver-white glitter. 

Karamel is just a tad bit darker shade than Kommando with a bit more than Kommando finely milled glitter, this time it's gold glitter. Kreme De La Kreme is a beautiful rose gold shimmer shade. I love to use this nail polish more like an accent then to paint all of my nails, since I am not a big fan of shimmery full metallic shades like that on my nails. Last but not least is True Kolor dark rich gorgeous blue shade without any shimmer at all. 

From left: Kovet, Minty Fresh, Slay Grey,  Kommando, Karamel, Kreme De La Kreme and True Kolor

Me wearing King Kylie Collection Minty Fresh (only one coat)

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of these polishes. They last on my nails for at least a good 4-5 days and don't chip away. I think this collection offers lots of beautiful, unique and elegant shades and you can not beat the price!

Have a great day Ladies,
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