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November 27, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Dance Metal Lipstick Review & Swatches!

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I've been wanting to try Kylie Cosmetics for a while now but since I am a total lip product junkie I felt like I really didn't need another nude/matte/mauve lipstick, especially since they start at $15 a piece and up. However what was missing in my lip collection was a metallic lipstick, so when I saw Kylie swatching new holiday shade called Dancer on her snapchat, I immediately fell in love with this unique and festive shade. I didn't have anything even close to that finish so I was super excited to see how wearable Dancer actually is. 

When it comes to my first impression about Kylie Cosmetics, I am going to be honest here and I know I am not unravelling anything new by saying that the packaging reminds me a lot of ColourPop lipsticks.  

Dancer shade is a beautiful metallic dark red color that looks gorgeous on the lips! I think it's a very festive/holiday friendly shade but I am happy that it doesn't look chunky or glittery on the lips, which was one of my biggest concerns. I don't really see myself wearing it outside of Christmas time, but you never know EDIT: The more I start wearing Dancer the more  obsessed  I became with this beautiful shade! I will definitely wear it all year long :)

Dancer Metal Lipstick Swatch

Kylie Dancer Lipstick
Me wearing Kylie Cosmetics Dancer Metal Lipstick

Overall I think it's a must have holiday lip color and I really love the unique metallic finish. 

And what is your favorite Kylie Cosmetics product?
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