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February 17, 2017

HiMirror Plus - Your Virtual At-Home Beauty & Skincare Consultant!

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I am all for innovative beauty gadgets so when I first heard of HiMirror - a smart mirror that is your virtual beauty consultant, I instantly knew that it was something I would love to try. HiMirror is basically your personal beauty system that comes with HD camera that takes very detailed photos to help analyze your skin overall condition and address any skin concerns like discoloration, fine lines, pores, wrinkles and overall complexion brightness, and based on your results suggests a proper skincare routine. But these are not all of the features that this device offers. HiMirror also provides fitness advice, lets you create your own beauty box filled with skincare products, shows daily weather and even lets you listen to your favorite radio stations.

Recently HiMirror came out with their updated version - HiMirror Plus which offers additional features including smart-ambient makeup light, as well as bigger photo storage and that is the model I am reviewing today. 

First Impression & Quick Installation Process
My HiMirror came in a huge and well-secured box that included tons of helpful tips as well as step by step installation process. I was very impressed when I first unpacked it because it felt sturdy and high quality and I simply loved the clean and sophisticated look of it. I decided to hang it in my bedroom (you do not need any tools to do so btw. everything is included), but you can also attach it to your mirror or order HiMirror stand and put it literally anywhere. 

The very interesting feature about HiMirror is that it is not your typical touchscreen device. You actually use hand gestures to navigate it and to be honest it did take me few times to learn how to do it properly (here is a helpful video tutorial). Privacy is HiMirror top priority, so to be able to access your account on the device it will activate face and voice recognition option (you and your family and friends can create up to 6 separate accounts).

As a part of my HiMirror initial setup, I had to download an app on my phone which was then connected directly to my HiMirror. The app comes in very handy when you want to check on your daily skin goals, see your historical changes, look up product from your beauty box as well as check current weather and UV radiation.

HiMirror App

HiSkin - Detailed Skin Analysis Must-Have Tool
To be able to get the best and most detailed skin analysis HiSkin comes to play, which combined with HiMirror study your skin's texture and any existing issues. HiSkin is very easy to use - you basically gently press it against different areas of your face including under eye area, forehead, chin etc. , click and within few seconds HiSkin calculates your skin condition based on that specific area. 

I think it is a fantastic gadget since we all know that our skin issues, as well as hydration level, will very depend on the location, especially when we are talking about under eye area which is way more delicate than for example skin on our forehead. 


HiMirror Skin Analysis & My Results
HiMirror skin analysis helps track progress (or regress) of your skin condition and gives detailed information about it, which will slightly vary daily. I absolutely love that feature and it gave me so much information about what my skin lacks and also offered some useful skincare tips as well (my current goal is to increase my skin brightness). Interesting thing is that after a not such a good night sleep (I was sick with a mild fever) my skin condition lowered in few areas by a couple of points, which was true and I really liked the fact that the skin analysis picked up on it. 

Beauty Box & Skincare Routine Creator
HiMirror Beauty Box is another great feature, where you basically scan and add different skincare products and based on those products HiMirror will create and customize skincare routine specifically designed to target your skin concerns.

NEW FEATURE* Smart-Ambient Makeup Light
The smart-ambient makeup light is also an excellent option if you are planning to use HiMirror to apply your makeup. This feature offers different lighting choices including outdoors, office room, shopping mall and more!

HiMirror is definitely one of the coolest beauty devices I've ever used or heard of. I love the skin analysis feature and the fact that I can keep track of my skin condition over time.  Extra features like radio, beauty box and daily weather with UV radiation information come in very handy as well. I am very excited to use this at-home beauty consultant to help me improve my overall skin condition!

HiMirror is offering a great promotion running until February 19 (this Sunday!) You can get HiMirror regular model for $169 (instead of $189) or/and a bundle HiMirror + HiSkin + Smart Body Scale for $288 (instead of $317.99)! Also make sure to use my 5% OFF Code: 7FOAU (no expiration).Order your HiMirror now!

Have a fantastic weekend!
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