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July 25, 2017

Reduce Eye Bags and dark circles with A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream!

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It's always a smart idea to invest in a good skincare but sometimes having to follow too many steps and using lots of products may get a bit overwhelming making the skincare routine more complicated than it needs to be.  If times allows, I personally do not mind spending some time layering different products but if I had to pick only one product (except my daily moisturizer), it would definitely have to be an under eye cream. I feel like a good under eye cream is a must have item, a product that everyone should have and use regularly.

Sleep or more likely lack of it took on a new meaning for me as I just recently became a mom. Regardless of the fact that I've never really had problems with dark circles or bags underneath my eyes (and considered myself pretty lucky because of it), definitely has changed now so for the past few months I've been vigorously on a lookout for a new under eye cream to try. 

Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate it's very important to use lightweight and hydrating cream. Cruelty-free A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream promises to improve eye contour imperfections and help cover up dark circles. This lightweight under eye cream has been used by a lot of makeup artists during the New York Fashion Week which I think is pretty cool to be able to see it in action (link here). 

I am all about women empowerment so it is worth mentioning that A Complete skincare founder Angelica Fuentes, is one of Latin America’s most successful business women and philanthropists and a portion of A Complete’s revenues are being donated to initiatives encouraging women’s empowerment (yay, girl power!).

A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream

A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream active ingredients include Centella Asiatica Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Echinacea Leaf Extract definitely caught my attention as well as HYADISINE® which is a marine ingredient that provides higher hydration rate than Hyaluronic Acid after 24 hours. Another anti-wrinkle active ingredient that you can find in A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream is ARGIRELINE®,  the first of its generation, safer alternative to botulinum toxin. I highly recommend reading more about all ingredients here.

A Complete Youth Preserve Eye Contour Cream currently retails at $46 and the 15ml bottle will last you for one full month of daily use. This under eye cream can be used either in the morning or before bedtime. 
And how early on have you included an under eye cream as a part of your skincare routine?
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