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November 21, 2019

Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Veil Liquid Eyeshadow Review & Swatches!


In my humble opinion, Laura Mercier makes one of the most timeless and absolutely stunning makeup products that look good on anyone. It is a brand that I would recommend to anyone that loves flattering but not boring makeup.

After being given the opportunity to try and test a lot of Laura Mercier products this year, this brand has grown on me so much and officially became one of the top ones I dearly love and appreciate the constant high quality the brand provides.

I know I've mentioned Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Sticks in the past on my social media which are waterproof cream eyeshadows (I promise the full review and tons of swatches on the blog soon!) but I felt like I couldn't ignore the Caviar Chrome Veils which work so well with Caviar Sticks as a lid toppers. The best quality about these liquid eyeshadows is their super lightweight, smudge-resistant & long-lasting formula.

Caviar Chrome Veil liquid eyeshadows come in 6 shades and two finishes: glittery and shimmer/metallics. I found the glitter ones to be the sheerest adding not so much any color but mostly just a pretty sparkle accent to your makeup look while the other three metallic shades will offer a bit more color payoff after initial application. 

From left: Night Sky (glitter), Moonlight Shimmer (metallic), Gilded Fresco(metallic), Rosegold Metal (metallic), Opalescent (glitter), Crystal Rose (glitter), Moonlight Shimmer(metallic)

Like I've mentioned earlier these are meant to be used on top of eyeshadow and they look the best and last the longest applied on top of cream eyeshadow (work beautifully with Caviar Sticks!). They blend very easily and dry quickly and once dry they will not crease or budge at all. They also have a very nice lightweight formula which is great, especially after using a good quality cream eyeshadow as a base these don't make your lids feel or look cakey, they just add a nice pop of glitter/shimmer (I do always recommend working in thin layers in case you want to build up the intensity a bit). 

I found all six shades to be very flattering especially the metallics look really pretty on the lids and are great for everyday wear. 

From left: Opalescent(blue glitter), Rosegold Metal (shimmer), Crystal Rose(rose gold pink glitter)
From left: Moonlight Shimmer (shimmer), Gilded Fresco(shimmer), Night Sky (gold glitter)


If you like using liquid eyeshadows and are looking for a high-quality, lightweight texture and flattering shades you will love Laura Mercier Caviar Chrome Veil Liquid Eyeshadows. The two glitter shades remind me a lot of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners which are another fantastic option if you are looking for long-lasting, great quality glitter lid toppers. 

Do you like using liquid eyeshadows?
What are your favorites?
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