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November 18, 2019

Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches!

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When photos of Urban Decay's newest eyeshadow palette Naked Honey first started popping up on social media I did like it and was excited about it but I also thought that this palette probably won't end up being my everyday looks kinda product, expecting too many shades with yellow-mustard undertones that I won't be able to pull off. Then a few months later when I actually put my hands on it (I was visiting my family in Europe for almost two months so this baby was just quietly sitting back at home waiting for me ha) I was quite surprised by its versatility and how I found all mattes to be pretty wearable and not too warm after all. 

I know you can find plenty of Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow palette photos online with added filters which makes this palette look, in my opinion, completely different than in real life. With the exception of the three center shimmers (which btw. are STUNNING), the other shades are mostly warm neutrals and I don't see any significant amount of yellow/green undertone to them. I took some photos outside with and without flash without any filters so you can check out the shades for yourself.

From left: Queen, Honey, Golden 

The mattes I ended up reaching for the most are Sweet, Hive, & Drip which are great crease/transition colors. Swarm and Keeper are just a bit more on the warmer side and with my summer tan completely gone, I find the above three to work the best for my neutral/cool undertones at the moment. The shimmer that I am absolutely in love with is Queen (with its sparkling brown-olive finish, ahh so gorgeous for smoky eyes!), but all five shimmers swatch and apply beautifully.  

The overall quality of the eyeshadows is great, it's the same formula as with the previous Nakeds which I have been a huge fan for years! I personally think the eyeshadows blend effortlessly together and I've never had any issues with either the mattes or shimmers.  


I find Urban Decay Honey eyeshadow palette to be a pretty wearable everyday palette that also offers more intense greenish/golden smokey eye options. The yellow and green toned shimmer shades are so unique yet still, I feel like a lot of people can wear them which makes this eyeshadow palette worth the purchase.  I am definitely positively surprised at how much I actually ended up liking it and I've been reaching out for it a lot lately!

And what do you think about Urban Decay Naked Honey? Have you tried it yet?
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