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January 15, 2021

BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches!

I love seeing brands progress over time not only by providing better quality products but also by being more creative with their releases. BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin ($18) eyeshadow palette caught my attention from the beginning with its fun color story but since I haven't ordered from them in years (by years I mean since 2013 when they were offering these 88 pan colorful eyeshadow palettes that every makeup enthusiast had to have because there wasn't a lot of other affordable options ha (: ) I wasn't really sure what to expect quality-wise. 

Everything changed immediately upon receiving it and my first thought was simply a big WOW. Beautiful packaging and creamy, pigmented shades! I am also very happy that the brand is vegan, cruelty-free, and was able to keep the price point at an affordable level, still. 

BH Blueberry Muffin eyeshadow palette retails at $18 (and that is without any additional coupons/discounts) and offers 16 shades with a nice mix of mattes and shimmers. Some shimmers have more of a metallic finish some are more sparkly and glittery but overall they show up on the eyes beautifully. It may seem like Blueberry Muffin palette is mainly a blue-toned eyeshadow palette and not enough everyday friendly but I actually found it to be super wearable because of the neutral mattes combined with flattering shimmers like Sweet, Cravings, and Yummy.

Worth noting is also the pretty packaging with a mirror that feels sturdy yet lightweight, perfect for traveling. 

My looks using BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin Palette


I have absolutely zero complaints - I enjoy using this palette and I have been reaching out for it quite often. I especially like the formula of the shimmers - soft, creamy and pigmented. I think BH Cosmetics nailed the color story as well as the packaging and created a fun, unique palette with a great formula!


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