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March 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award :)

Hi Guys,
Recently, I got a Stylish Blogger Award from lovely Bex4ever. Yaaaaay, thanks Doll!

   As one of the winners, to accept it I need to follow the rules below:

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about myself
3. Award 15 discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 things about myself:
1. I'm obsessed with Aaliyah. She was an amazing person, singer, actress, multi-talented and I'm her big fan since year 2000. Even now all my friends know, that I'm a BabyGirl freak. She's is my role model. Rest In Peace Angel <3

2. I'm very optimistic and funny person, I love to laugh and I always try to see good side of the story, no matter how bad it looks from outside...

3. I do not use salt and sugar :)

4. I'm a veggie person! I could eat them every day, veggies + natural joghurt mixed with a little bit of a ketchup and green tea and I'm a happy panda :) But don't think I'm a 100%  healthy eater - I love fast food too, especially NYC's  pizza, and turkish kebabs :D Yummmmy!! <3

5. I love animals and I always talk to them with my own made-up animal language, weirdooo haha

my Kitty <3

6. I'm definitely more of a skin/hair care person, than a make-up person. I love spending money on hair products <3

7. I'm obsessed with animal prints, especially leopard print, as u can see, on my blog lol.. ;-) Besides that, my favorite colors are all shades of turquoise, teal and blue :)

And my award goes to:

Check these Babies out! <3


  1. Congrats! Thanks so much for awarding me this as well! By the way, I love Aaliyah, too, and your kitty is SO CUTE!

  2. Seriously Syzia your blog is Super <3 Thank you so much for giving me this award, I really feel so flattered *happy tears* :p

  3. Congrats hun! And thanks for passing the award on to me!

    I'm a veggie and fast food person too! :D Also, I share your obsession of animal prints - shoes, handbags, cell phone bags... you name it, I got it! :D

  4. @tjalaine thanks you and you're welcome! Love your blog posts, really interesting:D

    @shang j aww you're welcome Sweety!

    @rizzie haha exactly the same with me! I think my bf will get sick of that soon :P but yeah cheetah rocks! xx

  5. congrats to you and thanks so much again for sending this award my way Syzia!

    you and i are one in the same when it comes to our Aaliyah obsession. when i was younger my bff and i would pretend to be singers--she was always Monica and i was always Aaliyah. i used to dress like her in middle school--super baggy pants, bangs covering one eye...gah! love her still!

  6. LOL@ number 5. How cutee!
    It's great that you're, for the most part, a healthy eater! I've been trying to make that transition for months but it's sooooo hard! :( lol Yass, Aaliyah was the best! <3

    Aww.. Yay!! Thank you so so much for passing it on to me!!! <3 You're the sweetest!

  7. awwww cute kitty xxx

  8. @ohtobemuse aww ahhh I love it! I used to dress like her too, and had bangs covering my eye, but I looked really bad with it, but I thought totally opposite, haha!

    @dinorah thanks Hun! ahh it is hard! especially when my bf is around, im totally pigging out, eating all unhealthy stuff haha

    @miss lv thank u Sweety!

  9. Congrats on the award! :) Thanks for mentioning me! :) You are so sweet!!! xoxo!