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October 8, 2012

DIY Salon Nails At Home: Gelish Nails Tutorial!

Hey Ladies,
Even though I still use the regular nail polish, mostly because of the price and color range, from time to time I like to do a hybrid gelish manicure, because it lasts up to four weeks. Yep, four weeks with no chipping at all!

How to achieve it?

First you need a starter kit : UV lamp, base and top coat, or 2 in 1 (which I have), cleaner, remover, cotton pads and few colors. I would suggest, as for a beginner, to go with the colors you will wear a lot. I got 3 colors pink, metallic dark green & lavender.

You can buy the starter kit on by typing "gelish nail kit" (price range $50 and more), if you can get 3 colors and better UV lamp or 4 colors and just a regular lamp go for the better lamp! Good UV lamp is 99% of success, believe me I know, because mine was cheap and that is why sometimes it takes double the time to dry my nails.

Befor you start remove your old nail polish and gently matte your nails!

Step 1
 Apply thin coat of base, then insert your hand into the UV lamp for 1-2minutes.

Step 2
After the 1-2minutes apply the first coat of your color and insert your hand into the UV lamp for few minutes.

Step 3
Do the same with second coat of color

Step 4
Apply top coat and keep the hand for 2-3 minutes in the UV lamp. 

Step 5
Using cleaner on a cotton pad, gently rub off the sticky residue on top of your nails (it might look like the color did not dry out properly, but don't worry most of it is transparent)

and YOU ARE DONE!! :)

Now you can literally clean the house and wash the dishes without worrying about your fresh made nails. Mine were good for 3-4 weeks!

Have a fab day,

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  1. There some extremely affordable and beautiful gel nail polishes in some ebay stores.

    (I got mine here:

    Most ship from Hong Kong, so they take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. But the average price for a full 15ml bottle is around $3-4 USD