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October 14, 2012

Affordable Fabulosity: Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 Sun Bronze Review ♥

Rimmel Natural Bronzer was the first brozer, I have ever owned in my life. I was 17 and I just discovered, how a little bit of color on your cheeks can transform your face into a healthy and glowing looking. I remember that I repurchased this product like two or three years later and then start using other brands and kinda forgot about it.

I used to really love it, because it was matte and it had a beautiful natural looking warm shade, so when I saw it yesterday at the drugstore, I needed to get it!

I saw two shades of this bronzer one matte and one with a little bit of shimmer. I got the matte one in 022 called Sun Bronze  ♥

Some bronzers that have darker shades and are heavy pigmented, may leave smears on your face, if you apply too much product. What I love about Rimmel Sun Bronze is that the shade is a warm light brown and you can easily build up the desire "sunkissed glow" without looking fake tan ;) 

I couldn't be more happy to start using this product again, and it is definitely my favorite drugstore bronzer! It even beat the E.l.f Studio Cool Matte Bronzer !

What is your favorite drugstore bronzer?



  1. Looks like a good bronzer. I started using bronzer at 17 too, I might try it out because it is a subtle brown and matte without shimmer.


  2. Hey Jackie! Yeah I love it because it is matte, so you end up looking very natural :)