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November 7, 2012

E.l.f Mineral Lipsticks Review: Natural Nymph & Rosy Raisin

Hi Gorgeous,
Even though E.l.f cosmetics are pretty cheap, the quality of some of the products is very good. One of my last purchases were E.l.f Mineral Lipsticks in Natural Nymph & Rosy Raisin. Despite the fact that these two lippies are from the same line, they vary a lot.

Natural Nymph is a matte, nude shade. The texture of the lipstick is thick and it gives my lips full coverage. Unfortunately, I couldn't find more unflattering shade. It looks just horrible on my lips, like if I literally put my concealer over it. It creases a lot and looks very unnatural. The only thing that saves the situation is the clear gloss on top, but it still looks pretty fake.

Rosy Raisin has subtle sheen, so you don't really need to use a gloss on top. The shade, I would say, is between brown and pink. I really like this lipstick, because it gives me a very pretty, natural look and doesn't crease and doesn't dry out my lips, like the Natural Nymph did.

Swatches: Natural Nymph (left), Rosy Raisin (right)

Even though both lipsticks are from E.l.f Mineral line, their texture, coverage and matte-sheen shades vary a lot. As for Rosy Raisin, I think it's totally worth the price because the quality is great, as for Natural Nymph, I guess it all depends on your complexion and natural color of your lips, on mine this product didn't work at all.

 What is your favorite E.l.f Mineral lipstick? I would love to try out some more shades!

Have a fab day,

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  1. I love these lipsticks!! :)