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June 24, 2013

Natural, Voluminous Curls using GHD Professional Styler!

ghd has released their Candy Collection of  limited edition, professional stylers in three colorful shades: mint, lemon and violet. I was lucky enough to receive one for review purposes and if I have to be honest, I had quite a dilemma with picking the color I want, because all of them look so pretty! Eventually I decided to get blue-mint shade.
The styler itself is high quality made with ceramic heaters. It is super easy to work with (simple on/off button ) and warms up within a 30 seconds. It works fantastic on my thick hair both as a straightening tool, as well as a curling styler. It has a long swivel cord, which makes curling my long hair so much easier!

How to create a natural, voluminous curls using GHD professional styler:

1. Apply heat protectant to your hair.
2. Divide your hair into sections (I like to do three sections: top, middle and bottom)
3. Starting with the bottom of your hair, grab a small section, clamp the iron closed and turn it back on itself, just like on the picture below. This step is very important, because if you will not turn it enough, it's not going to work.
4. Slowly run the styler down your hair and gently twirl the fresh curled section of hair with your fingers.

Other tips: 
For loose curls:  if you want more loose, natural looking curls run the styler down your hair a little bit faster.
For more defined curls: run the styler down slower.

That's how my hair looked like right after I was done. I waited a minute or two to be sure my hair was not warm anymore and added some volume by flipping my hair upside down and gently going through my hair with my fingers. 
Final result: natural, voluminous curls.

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