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January 13, 2014

Beauty Box 5 December and January Review!

Guys, I am so sorry for not posting lately, but I have been extremely busy, so I apologize for lack of updates on the blog. Since I haven't done a review of December Beauty Box 5 and I've just received my January one and both boxes have super cute samples, I've decided to review them in one post. 

Like I've mentioned in my previous reviews, I am very satisfied with the Beauty Box 5 subscription. I really enjoy all the samples and I am very happy that I can always find something that I legitimately like and can use. Also I've noticed that they often include travel size shower gels/ body lotions etc. which I love because I usually put those in small cosmetics bags to use while I'm travelling or after the gym (no need for heavy bag filled with tons of  full size shampoos,shower gels etc.).

Beauty Box 5 December 2013

:: NYX Cosmetics Love in Rio Eyeshadow Palette ($6.00,  FULL SIZE)- I love NYX Cosmetics and I was very happy to see a full size eyeshadow palette included in my December box. The shadows are very soft, shimmery and pigmented. Swatches below:
:: Body Drench Daily Moisturizing Lotion ($8.99, sample) - this lotion smells lovely!
:: Ofra Cosmetics Sultry Lipgloss Plumper ($12.95, sample) - I love that this gloss is nicely pigmented and the shade was perfect for Christmas! 
:: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer ($6.99, sample) - Haven't tried it yet but I love the scent! Smells like fresh cucumber and mango, yum!
:: Every Beauty Flexible Foot Smoother ($4.99, FULL SIZE) - Our feet need some extra tlc during Winter, so I was happy to see full sized Foot Smoother included.

Beauty Box 5 January 2014
 :: H20 Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash ($17.00, sample) - this body wash smells AMAZING! I'm starting working out again and I can't wait to use it after the gym. It smells very refreshing and soothing!
::  Nubar Cuticle & Nail Oil ($10.00, sample) - Grapefruit jojoba oil elixir for nails. It does not only help get rid of the cuticles but also works antiseptic and refreshing. Can't wait to massage it around my nails! The sample bottle is a bit smaller than the full size product, but it is still lots of product so it will last long.
:: Swissco Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves ($5.00, FULL SIZE) - Definitely something I was thinking about getting, especially to help exfoliate the skin during Winter, so I am glad I could find them in my January box!
:: Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm ($3.39, FULL SIZE) - One word - LOVE. This lip balm smells so delicious and I absolutely love everything coconut, so I fell in love with this product right away. It is an organic lip balm, gluten and petroleum free, GMO-free and not tested on animals. Also it feels very buttery on the lips, which I love.
 Bonus Product: That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact 

I have to admit that I am definitely looking forward to my Beauty Box 5 every month. There is always something I like, even the sizes of the samples, in my opinion, are big enough to be used at least few times. Also every box includes great deals and coupons, so if you want to get full size product, you can save lots of money.

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  1. Quite a nice bunch of products :) My recent crush has been eye shadow palettes but I'm still a bit shy using loads of colours. Baby steps ;) This NYX set seems really lovely, cute shades! ^^

    x Satu
    Indie by heart

  2. Thanks Satu! I know, same here! I have many different eye shadow palettes and even though the colors are so vibrant and beautiful I usually stick to the good old neutrals haha :)