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January 16, 2014

DIY: Quick & Affordable Hair Glossing at Home!

I heard about hair glossing for the first time only a few months ago. I honestly can't believe I haven't had it done at the salon previously and that my hairdresser never really offered me hair glossing. In the past, to prevent my hair's color dullness, I would dye my hair to a similar to natural shade and enjoy a beautiful shiny hair for approximately 4 weeks. I tried to use the least damaging hair dye as possible, but each time my hair color was getting darker and darker, which I didn't like. Then one day I stumbled upon John Frieda Hair Glaze. This product cost around $12 and in my opinion is worth every penny. I actually ordered it from Ulta and at the time they had John Frieda promotion buy 1 get one 50% off, so I added Liquid Shine Perfecting Glosser for brunettes.

John Frieda luminous GLAZE Clear Shine Hair Gloss
John Frieda Hair Glaze has a milky color and pretty runny consistency. On the packaging, it says to use the product at least 3 times a week and apply from roots to ends for around 10min. after shampooing and conditioning and then rinse. Now, I have oily hair, so if you don't have that problem, the glaze might actually work even better for you. Anyways, after the first application, my hair was insanely soft and glossy. I couldn't stop touching it and I loved the finished effect, which unfortunately lasted only one day because on the second day my scalp got really oily. So the week following, I decided that I won't apply the glaze from the roots, but concentrate on the middle section and ends. Also instead of 3 times a week, I start using it once-twice a week. That was the best option for me because I could enjoy a beautifully soft and shiny hair for at least 2 days. The hair looks very healthy and even the ends look less damaged. I am in love with this product and I think it does work great and the effects are visible immediately! 

 My hair after John Frieda Hair Glaze and Liquid Shine Glosser (first week)

My hair after John Frieda Hair Glaze and Liquid Shine Glosser (second week)

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Shine Glosser 
Liquid Shine Glosser is a clear gel that I apply after washing my hair, on towel dry hair from the middle section to ends. I use it almost every single time I wash my hair because it does not make my hair more oily and it gives it a nice softness and combined with Hair Glaze, the effects are wonderful! 

If you are looking for a quick and immediate result these two products are a must-haves. I think for the price you pay, they work magic and make my dull hair shiny, glossy and so soft! Also if you have an event/birthday party/wedding etc. coming soon and you don't feel like spending lots of money on a hairdresser, these two will make your hair looks like a million bucks. I used it few times before curling my hair and the curls turned out so pretty and glossy, I actually got lots of compliments! 

Have you ever tried hair glossing before?
 Share your tips and experience in the comments below!


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