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March 1, 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Review!

My number one primer that I absolutely love and use all the time is Porefessional  by Benefit Cosmetics (full review here and here). When Maybelline came out with their new product called Baby Skin - instant pore eraser, I jumped to my fellow bloggers online reviews to check it out before purchasing. I was very excited to find out that Baby Skin is a great dupe for Porefessional but for half the price, so I've picked it up next time I went near the Maybelline stand. 

Baby Skin is a transparent face primer that smooths the skin out as well as makes the pores appear smaller. After applying just a bit of the product my skin felt instantly softer and very velvety like. Baby Skin also did a great job keeping my t-zone matte for hours.

Maybelline Baby Skin primer swatch

As for a comparison with Benefit Porefessional, I would not exactly agree. Don't get me wrong Baby Skin is a good, affordable face primer,  that does a great job erasing pores and making the surface of my face smooth and soft, but personally Porefessional works just better for me. Not only the pores are instantly erased (I think the nude color of the product helps with that a bit), but also Porefessional when applied on my slow developing forehead lines - makes them literally disappear. I tried to do that with Baby Skin and the product didn't really do much (which is okay - it is suppose to erase pores, not help cover wrinkles ;)).

I think Maybelline Baby Skin is a great, drugstore pore-eraser, primer product. It leaves my skin smooth and helps my foundation last longer, while keeping my t-zone matte. As for comparison with Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional - it is a close dupe, but Porefessional, though a bit more expensive, works simply better for me.

What is your go to primer? 
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