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December 7, 2016

First Impression: Full Brow Eyebrow Kit Review!

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I am not sure about you Guys but I absolutely love colors! Full Brow brand is so colorful and cheerful that by just looking at their website and colorful instagram page makes you more happy and excited about their products. Full Brow is an Australian brand that makes their products in Europe which is pretty cool and as of right now I believe you can only get their products through Free People website. I had the pleasure to receive some of their eyebrow products to try out and here is my first impression!

Full Brow Brow Powder ($16) & Brow Wax ($14)

My eyebrows are pretty long and I stubbornly refuse to trim them down because of my teenage experience with over-plucking and rocking slightly uneven and skinny eyebrows. Wax brow is one of the products that is a must-have staple item in my vanity just to keep them nicely in place. Full Brow Brow Wax is a transparent wax that works really good at making sure everything stays intact for the entire day. It applies nice and easy and I am really happy with it. 

Full Brow Brow Powder I received in shade Natural Brown, which turned out to be a perfect match for my eyebrows - not too dark and not too warm color. I would say the ultimate cool toned brown. I really like the creamy texture and how easily it applies and draws lines. I could never find an eyebrow powder that I really liked before so I am really impressed with this one. Full Brow Brow Powder may just became my favorite brow powder!

Full Brow Brow Highlighter ($16) & Brow Brush ($19)

Brow Highlighter is a cool toned, pink champagne shade that is a super versatile product. I can totally see using this pencil in the inner corners of my eyes as well as skin highlighter. 

Now, last but not least is the Brow Brush, which in my opinion is absolutely worth its price. This synthetic brush is made with such a nice quality and I love both the angled and spoolie side. Angled side is just stiff enough to draw precise lines and spoolie side does a great job at brushing out the product. 

Overall I am very happy with all the products and I highly recommend them! I will be using Full Brow products on daily basis from now on, so if you Guys want to see some swatches etc. on my instagram let me know!

If you would like to get some more information about Full Brow check out their official website and follow their fun and colorful page on instagram.

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