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March 18, 2017

DIY Salon Nails at home: Semilac Soak Off UV Hybrid Nail Polish Review, Tutorial & Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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We all love having pretty nails but it has been a challenge for me to keep them long and well, chip free. I absolutely hate (and I am sure a lot of you will agree with me) when after only a few days my regular nail polish starts chipping away and I have to re-do it. Part of the problem is the fact that I have pretty weak nails and whenever I want to grow them longer, I just end up getting them done at the salon. Now that I am about to have a baby I know I won't have time for regular appointments so I start looking into a more permanent and long lasting solution, without the need to visit my local nail place. 

What is Semilac UV Hybrid Nail Polish? 
Semilac is a hybrid gel polish system that combines gel UV and nail polish properties and the brand has been hugely successful in Europe, especially in my country of origin Poland where it was first founded.

When I found out that I can get their products in the USA through Semilac sole representative SemilacUSA I was absolutely ecstatic.

Made in Europe & Cruelty-Free
First of all, all Semilac products are made with European standards using only with high-quality color pigments. They do not leave streaks, don't flake or tarnish and are 100% removable with acetone. All products are made in EU and the brand doesn't test on animals. You do need a UV or LED lamp to cure the nail polish but besides that, they are very easy to use at home, which is the reason why they are so highly popular. 

Semilac UV Hybrid Nail Polish

Semilac offers not only UV Hybrids and accessories but also regular nail polish and their amazing manicure oils which you can win at the bottom of this post! Every single scent smells absolutely divine and helps nourish and moisturize the cuticle and skin surrounding the nail. Semilac offers different types of base and top coats as well which you can read more about here.

Semilac Manicure Oils & Non-Acid Primer

DIY Salon Nails At Home with Semilac Soak Off UV Hybrid Nail Polish

Technically to do your nails using Semilac products all you really need is a Semilac base, nail polish, top coat and cleaner but here I am also prepping my nails with their Semilac Non-Acid Primer which is suppose to increase the adhesion of layers applied on the nail. For this tutorial I am using Melody Susie 12W LED Nail Dryer. You can either use UV or LED lamp and if you have any questions about the curing time make sure to check SemilacUSA FAQ page. But let's jump to the tutorial.

Step 1. Manicure your nails first and then buff them using nail buffer. Remove the dust with an alcohol soaked lint free wipe (I used rubbing alcohol).

Step 2.  Apply a thin coat of Semilac Non-Acid Primer and let it air dry for few seconds. After that apply one thin layer of Semilac Base and cure it inside the UV/LED lamp for a certain amount of time. I did my base for around 60 seconds using 12W LED lamp  (check Semilac FAQ page for more information). After that clean your nails using lint free wipe and a cleaner (I used rubbing alcohol).

Step 3. Apply a thin layer of Semilac UV Hybrid nail polish color of your choice and cure it for around 90 seconds (my 12W LED lamp). Clean the nails with an alcohol soaked lint free wipe and repeat the process with the second layer of color and cleaner. You can always add a third layer of color in case if it's not intense enough but with Semilac 130 Sleeping Beauty color I only used two coats. 

Step 4. After that apply one thin layer of Semilac Top Coat and cure it for around 60 seconds. Clean the nails with rubbing alcohol. 

Step 5. Finish your nails by applying Semilac Manicure Oil to your cuticles and you are done! 

Wearing Semilac 130 Sleeping Beauty - absolutely gorgeous neon peachy shade
Lasting power & Final thoughts
I am very happy with the results and for a nail newbie like me, I can honestly say that it was a pretty easy and hassle-free process. When it comes to Semilac lasting power, it's been already 8 days since I had them done and my nails still look great and the nail polish is completely intact. I have to admit, I am kind of obsessed with Semilac! 

*SemilacUSA Reward Program*

While browsing SemilacUSA website I discovered that they also offer an awesome and free reward program in which you collect points that you can exchange for free shipping or $10 and $25 off coupons, so if you are interested in their products definitely sign up for it. If you will use my referral link you will also get 10% off your first order!


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Good luck everyone and have a fabulous day!
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